Terms and Conditions






  1. All persons staying at the camp, during their stay, will be subject to these regulations, which are considered a contract of adhesion that must be complied with. Otherwise, the Management reserves the right of admission and stay.
  2. Payment for the room must be made in advance.
  3. Check-in time is set at 3:00 p.m. and the room must be vacated by 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure; after that time, the camp will be entitled to charge an extra fee according to the current rate.
  4. All guests must register before entering the camp. Non-Colombian guests must present a valid passport from their country of origin, with the corresponding admission issued by Migración Colombia, a copy of which will be made at the camp’s reception desk at check-in.
  5. BOSKO reserves the right to admit occasional visitors and in no case will they be allowed access to the rooms. In case of non-compliance the management reserves the right to order the immediate departure of the visitor.
  6. Any damage caused by guests to objects, movable property or the property owned by the establishment, will be their sole responsibility, and they must pay for the repair of the same.
  7. BOSKO is not responsible for the loss of valuables, documents, jewelry and/or money that are not in its custody. We recommend you to deposit them at the Administration.
  8. The accommodation is non-transferable.
  9. When a guest makes use of the BOSKO parking lot, he/she must place his/her car in a suitable place, the establishment is not responsible for partial damage or total theft of the vehicle or objects left inside it. At check-in, guests must register their vehicle’s information.
  10. Guests must behave with decency and morality within the establishment, it is forbidden to disturb the order by making noises that disturb or disturb other guests, as well as using the room to perform any act or game prohibited by law.
  11. The illegal consumption of toxic drugs, narcotics or psychotropic substances is prohibited. This infraction will be immediately reported to the Security Forces and Corps.
  12. Failure by the guest to comply with these Internal Lodging Regulations shall be grounds for termination of the lodging contract, without legal liability for the establishment.
  13. Cancellation and refund policy:

Standard price: Cancellation or change of date requested to info@bosko.com.co at least 8 days prior to check in, 50% refundable.

Special price: Date change requested to info@bosko.com.co at least 8 days prior to check in, no cancellations allowed, non-refundable.

Promo / Last minute / Booking / Expedia / Airbnb / Tripdvisor: No changes allowed, no cancellations allowed, non-refundable.

Pasadía BOSKO: No changes allowed, no cancellations allowed, non-refundable.

*The cancellation of the service during its provision will not be refundable.




BOSKO, Guatapé, Colombia.


The present document constitutes a Contract through which the provision of services by WEGLAMP S.A.S. to its CUSTOMERS will be regulated and which in any case will be integrated with the offers included in the web page WWW.BOSKO.COM.CO. Consequently, this document establishes the general conditions of execution of the services offered and contracted by THE OWNERS that are specified in the offers selected by them.




By accessing the web page and/or any of the services offered by WEGLAMP S.A.S., it shall be deemed that THE HOLDER is fully aware of the content of the offers made by BOSKO, and that he/she knows and is well informed of the conditions of time, manner and place of each one of them at the time of requesting the service. In case of doubt, you should contact BOSKO prior to the taking of any service, by email, since once the service is booked, it cannot be cancelled or modified unless the exceptions described below apply. Once the service has been accepted by BOSKO, it will be up to BOSKO, exclusively, to interpret the content of the offers presented in the web page with the support of the clarifying communications sent at any time to the respective BORROWER. In any case, the OWNER declares to expressly accept any contract by which BOSKO decides to regulate these terms and conditions.


By accepting these Terms and Conditions it is presumed that THE OWNER is aware of the level of risk involved in the activities offered by BOSKO and that they are freely accepted by THE OWNER, who assumes full responsibility for any damage caused to himself or to third parties during the execution of such activities.




The TAKERS who are not older than 18 years of age must be accompanied by their parents, who shall sign all documents on their behalf or by a responsible adult duly authorized in writing by the guardian. Likewise, the OWNERS must present the licenses/courses/certifications/permits/medical statements or any other suitable document that certifies their experience, aptitude and capacity to take and participate in the services purchased from BOSKO in accordance with the table included at the end of these Terms and Conditions.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, BOSKO will require the OWNER to submit information through the medical form that the OWNER fills out prior to the stay and certain documents to accredit his/her medical condition and capacity to access the services, it shall be up to the OWNER to submit to BOSKO any additional information that in his/her opinion is relevant to accredit the fulfillment of his/her capacities and any relevant medical condition.


BOSKO declares that the only source of information to which it shall have access shall be that provided exclusively by the OWNER, which shall be presumed to be truthful, complete and timely at all times. The lack of truthful, complete and timely information shall be considered as a cause for exclusion of WEGLAMP S.A.S.’s liability.




To access any of the above services, THE OWNER shall request BOSKO the service of his choice by filling out and sending the service request forms established by BOSKO on the website or by mail, phone call or any other means that allows BOSKO to know the trip desired by the OWNER.


For the purposes of this document, THE OWNER and BOSKO shall understand that there are two types of offers:


STANDARD OFFERS: These are the offers offered by BOSKO through its website and on which THE OWNER accepts the content and conditions expressly set forth therein.

CUSTOMIZED OFFERS – CUSTOMIZED ACCOMMODATION: These are the offers that are particularly designed by BOSKO for a specific HOSPITALITY HOLDER interested, and that exceed, modify or complement the standard offers.




In order to make a reservation of any service, the HOLDER shall fill out and send the “RESERVATION FORM” or other “FORMS” established by BOSKO in its web page, which for all legal purposes, shall be considered as service orders in favor of BOSKO.


The reservation of the service by the HOLDER shall only be deemed to be perfected once BOSKO accepts the service request submitted by the HOLDER. BOSKO reserves the right not to accept the service orders whose CARRIER does not comply with the requirements demanded by the company or when the service requested by the CARRIER exceeds in any way the capacities of BOSKO.




In the event of any modification or cancellation of the reservation by the HOLDER, BOSKO shall apply the cancellation rules defined for each of the services, which shall be included in the standard or adjusted offer. In the event that the cancellation conditions are not defined in the offers, the following rules shall apply in a subsidiary manner:


Discover BOSKO / Early booking: Free cancellation requested to info@bosko.com.co with at least 7 days prior to check in, 100% refund to the payment method used to book.

After that time it is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.


Promo: Non-changeable, non-refundable.


Early departure / no show: non-refundable.


BOSKO shall not be obliged to reimburse the HOLDER any amount if, for reasons beyond BOSKO’s control, the HOLDER does not show up on time on the day of the reservation or arrives later. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BOSKO reserves the option to make any refunds it deems appropriate in the event that the cancellation of the trip by the HOLDER is due to personal reasons or force majeure.




In the event of a situation that is considered force majeure and/or an act of God or an act of a third party, BOSKO may cancel any of the reservations, and shall reimburse the HOLDER ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) of the amount paid. BOSKO shall not be liable for any expenses incurred by the HOLDER.


BOSKO may modify in any way the offers published on the website, without prior notice, in the event of situations beyond its control, such as sudden changes in road conditions, cost increases, weather conditions, and other external factors that may limit the services offered. It may also modify the offer in any way due to safety situations that so require, prior to the beginning of the execution of the service or during the execution of the same. This shall not constitute a breach by BOSKO. In any case, BOSKO guarantees that the new conditions will maintain the standards initially offered.




BOSKO may cancel the service after its commencement and cause the OWNER to leave in the event that the OWNER does not comply with the rules of safety, use and behavior required in the BOSKO facilities, or when the OWNER causes physical or psychological aggression to other guests or third parties, or when his behavior is dangerous, reckless and/or represents a risk to him or the persons accompanying him. In this case THE HOLDER shall compensate BOSKO for the losses suffered and the additional costs arising, such as early return of equipment and vehicles, hotels, meals, etc. BOSKO shall not be required to make any reimbursement of the SERVICE payment to the OWNER.


BOSKO may modify any of the conditions of performance of the contracted services whenever situations beyond its control so require; including but not limited to: acts of civil disorder; including war, blockades, insurrections, riots, mass protests, and actions of military forces related to or in response to any act of civil disorder, acts, or lack of acts, of the Government and of the Legislative and Judicial branches including laws, orders, regulations, decrees, decrees, judgments, judicial actions, regulations, renewal or confirmation of permits and licenses, that are made either by the Government or any Competent Authority on equipment rental activities or high risk activities, epidemics, landslides, hurricanes, floods, avalanches, lightning, earthquakes, fire, tsunami, disaster in land, air, rail, river and maritime transportation, sudden alteration of the state of the roads, weather conditions and other external factors that could limit the services offered; without this constituting a breach by BOSKO. In any case BOSKO guarantees that the new conditions will maintain as far as possible the standards initially offered and if it becomes necessary to cancel the trip BOSKO is not obliged to reimburse the payment of the service.




Once the purchase request has been filled out and sent by the TAKER and accepted by BOSKO, the TAKER shall be obliged to pay the agreed price for the particular service selected or the price sent by BOSKO in the case of a tailor-made trip, with an adjusted offer.


The price of the service shall be that which is confirmed by e-mail to the OWNER by BOSKO in the case of an adjusted offer, or that which is published on the BOSKO website in the case of standard offers. In the case of adjusted offers, the price shall be paid within ten (10) days after acceptance by BOSKO and the sending of the price confirmation, by means of a minimum deposit required by BOSKO which shall vary for each particular service. The percentage of the payment that constitutes the deposit, entitles the TOMER to the respect of its quota in the service and will be taken into account as an advance payment of the same.


The payment of the balance shall be paid in one or several installments according to the conditions defined in the selected offer. BOSKO reserves the right to cancel the reservation and charge a penalty equivalent to the deposit, in the event that the TOMER does not make one or more payments in a timely manner.




In the case of standard offers, the prices shown on the page are for reference only, and may vary if BOSKO so requires in order to meet the needs of the HOLDER, all of which will be done with prior notice.


In all the cases mentioned above, the total payment of the SERVICE must always be paid before the beginning of the TRIP, unless BOSKO has expressly agreed a different term with the HOLDER.




The price paid by THE OWNER to BOSKO by virtue of the selected services shall include only and exclusively those activities expressly listed in the standard and/or adjusted offer, effectively accepted by BOSKO, as well as all those complementary services that are reasonably required for their effective performance under BOSKO’s service standards.




In case of contracting a service that requires a vehicle and/or equipment that needs a license for its operation, the OWNER must have a valid license for the type of vehicle and/or activity to operate it; which must be in force and homologated in Colombia.


BOSKO may refuse the HIRER to take the contracted service if he/she does not have the applicable license, proceeding to the cancellation of the service for that HIRER, without being responsible for the costs arising from such cancellation, and without being obliged to refund any portion of the price paid.


The vehicles and/or equipment used during the trips may vary. The photographs of the vehicles and/or equipment published may differ from those that will be delivered to the OWNER, but maintaining their usefulness.


At the time of delivery of the vehicle and/or equipment, THE OWNER shall constitute a coverage deposit equivalent to the insurance deductible of the vehicle and/or equipment if any, upon which a voucher will be issued by BOSKO where BOSKO reserves the right to adjust the amount of the deposit contained in the voucher as well as the deductible without prior notice. This deposit will be refunded upon return of the vehicle or equipment in the same condition in which it was delivered.


In the event that a vehicle and/or equipment required for the OWNER’s participation in the service is damaged for reasons beyond BOSKO’s control, BOSKO will make its best effort to replace it. However, if such vehicle and/or equipment cannot be replaced, it shall be understood that BOSKO shall not be obliged to replace it.


In the event that the OWNER is unable to continue using the vehicle and/or equipment during the service, the OWNER shall inform BOSKO of this situation, and the OWNER shall assume all costs derived from the transportation of the vehicle and/or equipment.




THE OWNER may access the services offered by BOSKO with a vehicle and/or equipment owned by him/her as expressed in the purchase order, as long as it complies with all the requirements established for the vehicles and/or equipment rented in the trips offered. Likewise, the HIRER participating in any of the trips shall be obliged to comply with all the obligations set forth in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, except for the payment of the rental cost of the vehicle and/or equipment. BOSKO shall not be liable for damage or theft of such vehicles and/or equipment nor for accidents suffered by the HIRER through the use of such vehicles and/or equipment during the trips.


BOSKO shall presume that the equipment and vehicles owned or possessed by the HIRER have been subject to preventive and corrective maintenance in the appropriate periods according to the manufacturer’s manuals. In the event that the equipment and/or vehicles have not undergone the periodic revisions or adjustments, the equipment may not be used during the service. In the event that non-certified or improperly maintained equipment is used and damage is caused as a result thereof, the responsibility arising therefrom shall be borne by the OWNER.




The price of the services shall not include those aspects that are not expressly included in the standard offer that appears in what is included in the service within the Internet page or that adjusted offer that is accepted by BOSKO and that has been sent to the OWNER. It shall also not include personal implements, personal travel expenses, traffic fines, rental of vehicles and/or equipment other than those provided within the trip, among others.




BOSKO shall not be liable at any time for the loss of luggage, personal belongings inside vehicles, damage or loss of vehicles or loss of any personal belongings of the HOLDER and/or his/her companion, if any, that may occur inside or outside BOSKO’s facilities. It is recommended to take out a policy to insure luggage, automobiles or other items. The OWNER may request that a member of the BOSKO team takes care of his/her or his/her companion’s valuables, otherwise BOSKO will not be liable for any damage or loss of such valuables.




Photographs, videos, as well as any other material produced by BOSKO during the hosting or the activities that take place, are the property of BOSKO only, as are the economic and moral rights therein. BOSKO may use such material for any purpose, at its sole discretion, without limitation and without the need for permission from the HOST appearing in the material.




Payments to be made to BOSKO shall be made through the means of payment provided on the website or through the means specified by BOSKO to the TOMER.




BOSKO assumes that THE POLICYHOLDER is aware and aware of the fact that to travel to Colombia and taking into account BOSKO’s requirements, he/she must have the required documents, such as visa, vaccines, certificates, among others. BOSKO expressly declares that the POLICYHOLDER will be solely responsible for complying with the presentation of the documents required by him at any time, as well as for the consequences resulting from any related non-compliance. During the registration process it is mandatory that the POLICYHOLDER present a valid identity document.




BOSKO will be responsible for providing the services offered on its website or those agreed upon between it and the CUSTOMER, limiting its scope to that published on its Internet page at the time of perfection. BOSKO will not be responsible if these conditions must be modified without prior notice by BOSKO in the event of force majeure circumstances or fortuitous event.


THE HOLDER will be responsible to BOSKO for the payment of the price of the service they choose, as well as for all damages caused during the same to third parties, those that may affect their good name and commercial reputation, for damages and bodily injuries or death suffered during the service whenever they result from efficient causes beyond BOSKO, for those traffic accidents and damages to third parties that occur as a consequence of the services taken as long as they do not come from force majeure, fortuitous event or fault of the victim.


THE SERVICE TAKER will be responsible to BOSKO for any damage that he or his companion causes in BOSKO, to equipment, rooms, outdoor spaces, damage to other guests, employer or third parties.


THE POLICYHOLDER accepts that he will be exclusively responsible for the payment of all damages and/or losses caused to himself, his family members, his heirs, third parties and in general to any person during the validity and execution of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, releasing BOSKO from the duty of supervision that THE TAKER has towards his dependents or those responsible for the minor who participates in any of the trips.


BOSKO will not ensure the safety of the TAKER, the loss of luggage or any personal effects of the TAKER and/or their companions.


BOSKO will only be responsible for those acts derived from intent and/or gross negligence.


Whenever BOSKO acts towards the CUSTOMER as a marketer of a service operated by an affiliated third party, it will be responsible towards the CUSTOMER: (i) to guarantee the existence and provision of the service based on the information previously provided on its Internet page. , in accordance with its standards and the information provided to BOSKO; (ii) to transmit to the POLICYHOLDER, in a clear, concise and complete manner, the relevant information so that he knows the characteristics of the service(s) that must be operated by the third party provider and about which BOSKO presumes its truthfulness; (iii) Receive and process any complaint or claim that THE POLICYHOLDER presents towards the affiliated third party; (iv) to transmit to the CUSTOMER, in a clear, concise and complete manner, the relevant information so that he or she knows the characteristics of the service(s) that he or she wishes to acquire; (v) remain available to the POLICYHOLDER to attend to and resolve any questions or inconveniences that may arise related to the provision of the service and prior to the signing of the contract between the POLICYHOLDER and the affiliated third party; (vi) provide permanent support to the CUSTOMER, through appropriate means, providing advice related to the services of affiliated third parties until the moment of signing the contract; (vii) ensure that the contract or binding agreement is signed between THE POLICYHOLDER and the affiliated third party; (viii) guarantee the good condition and functioning of the equipment used, such as, but not understood to be the only ones: airplanes, small planes, buses, minivans, land transportation, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, boats, among others.


BOSKO will not be responsible for any falsehood or inaccuracy in the information provided by the third party provider or for any incident of any kind that occurs under the contract or that is directly or indirectly related to the execution of the contract. If BOSKO were to accompany the POLICYHOLDER to any of the services provided by the third-party provider, this will not be considered an assumption of responsibility under any circumstances. Based on the above, it is understood that THE POLICYHOLDER accepts from now on the waiver that BOSKO expressly makes in the terms described above. THE POLICYHOLDER will be responsible for informing BOSKO in a timely manner and in writing of any incident, complaint or suggestion that arises regarding the third-party provider.


In the event that BOSKO acts as a commercial agent for products from third-party providers of travel and adventure travel services, it will be responsible to the POLICYHOLDER: (i) to inform of the existence and characteristics of the service(s) offered by the third-party supplier based on the information previously provided by it to BOSKO and about which BOSKO presumes its veracity; (ii) To contact the third-party provider and the interested POLICYHOLDER; (iii) to transmit to the POLICYHOLDER, in a clear, concise and complete manner, any additional information that the POLICYHOLDER may require about the service provided by the third-party provider; (iii) to keep the POLICYHOLDER and the third-party provider informed of any situation that could affect the signing of the contract or its correct execution; (iv) to resolve to the CUSTOMER any doubt that with its knowledge it could resolve in relation to the products of third party suppliers; (v) provide collaboration so that the contract or binding agreement is signed between THE CUSTOMER and the third-party provider.


2.11. RISK.


THE POLICYHOLDER is aware of the risks and consequences of participating in the activities offered by BOSKO in its facilities and the risks involved in staying at BOSKO, an outdoor place. That in addition to the existing risks, some of the activities that will be carried out during the course of the accommodation may be high risk, which includes certain risks of suffering damage without being limited to: physical, mental or cognitive damage caused by adverse weather conditions, development of the activity offered at high altitudes, traffic rules, heavy traffic or not, conditions of the routes or highways that require being taken, among others.


Likewise, risks may arise derived from the remote location in which the service is performed and that prevent timely medical assistance and other benefits that are accessible in populated places. Situations of insecurity, theft, robbery, among others, may also arise.


In BOSKO trips that include the contracting by BOSKO of air or land transportation, in which BOSKO acts as a simple intermediary between the THIRD PARTY that provides the service, the THIRD PARTY when sending the reservation request. understands and accepts the risks to which it is exposed and understands that BOSKO will not be responsible for any damage caused to the POLICYHOLDER, derived from, in others, accident, theft or any incident that occurs during the provision of said services.




The USER must respect BOSKO’s arrival and departure times. The check-in time is set at 3:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and the check-out time is at 12:00 p.m. on the day of departure; After that time, BOSKO will have the right to make an extra charge according to the current rate, in the STANDARD offer.




The USER undertakes to comply with all the articles of the INTERNAL REGULATIONS, which are available at the BOSKO reception and published on WWW.BOSKO.COM.CO. If not, the USER understands that it will be immediately cancelled. the accommodation service and must leave the BOSKO facilities, without any type of refund.




At BOSKO, we care about the security of your personal data and in order to comply with the law on the protection of your personal data, we inform you that:


3.1. Privacy of personal data:


Your personal data will not be shared with third parties, since it only belongs to you (such as email, IP numbers, etc.), except with your express authorization or in case of force majeure of a legal nature in which you are involved, such as hacks or impersonations.


3.2. Responsibility for third party opinions:


All articles of an opinion nature that are published on this website are the sole responsibility of the editor. The comments made by visitors are their own responsibility and if they violate the rights of others or incur a detriment to good customs, they may be deleted by the editor, without waiting for authorization from whoever made it. the comment


3.3. Security of your personal information:


This website is responsible for ensuring its security, its privacy in terms of information and respect for its data, within the framework of limitations that the Internet imposes, taking into account that we are not exempt from computer attacks or malicious people.


3.4. Obtaining your information:


The personal data obtained on this website are provided by you, making full use of your freedom. The basic personal information we hold about our customers is collected through contact, comment or other similar forms.


3.5. Use of information:


By providing us with your data, you agree to our data protection policy, and it is understood that you authorize us to use your data in the following ways: a) for the same purpose for which it was provided; b) to consider it within our traffic statistics, thus increasing our advertising and market offer; c) to better guide the services offered here and evaluate them at your discretion, and d) to send emails with our newsletters, respond to concerns or comments, and keep you informed as our user.


3.6. Procedure to Opt Out or Cancel Subscription:


To remove your data from our subscriber list and no longer receive notifications from us, you may at any time request the removal of your information from our database by sending an email to info@bosko.com.co


3.7. Use of cookies:


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3.8. Modifications to our Privacy Policies:


The website reserves the right to modify, rectify, alter, add or delete any point in this document at any time and without prior notice, and it is your responsibility to stay informed of the same for proper administration of your information.


3.9. Statistics and other related sites:


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Children’s Privacy:


Our website recognizes the privacy interests of children and we encourage parents and/or guardians to take an active role in their children’s online activities info@bosko.com.co is NOT intended to store information from children under 13 years, NI collects personally identifiable information from children under 13 years of age, if we discover that any of our data belongs to a child under 13 years of age, we will immediately remove it from our system and database.


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Additional Information:


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Every time any aspect of this Privacy Policy is modified, these changes will be reflected on this page.


You can contact us through the following means:


Email: info@bosko.com.co




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