We are part of a unique environment, we are part of a “sea between mountains”

The town of colorful houses and baseboards, in addition to the big lake that surrounds the mountains of the Peñol Rock, possesses touristic places and attractions that have made it one of the most visited Andean municipalities in Colombia. Discover it during your stay.

Peñon guatape

The Peñol Rock

This incredible monolith is 220 meters tall. You will be able to go up the 750 steps of the rock. We assure you a breathtaking view of the lake and its surroundings as a reward.

Calle del recuerdo
Calle del recuerdo

Calle del recuerdo

Walk through this street of colorful houses, full of baseboards that have become artistic and cultural expressions of the stories of its inhabitants.



Navigate through the 1.2 Million cubic meters of water that generate 30% of the Colombian energy. This “sea between the mountains” is a mystical, energetic and unique place.

Plazoleta del zocalo
Plazoleta del zócalo

El zócalo square

200 years of color and life reflected in one of the most visited urban places of the municipality.